Audience targeting with page level intelligence opens up your ability to reach your audience safely and in context across the web. Use it to enhance direct buys by targeting the same users off-site or use it as an alternative to direct buys.


Ensure quality of content through:

  • Ad Viewability and Count Verification
  • Targeting Homepages and Content Rich Environments
  • Eliminating Bot Traffic
  • Including or excluding User Generated Content
  • Targeting in Localized Languages


Ensure brand safety by excluding:

  • alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, mature, profanity, hate speech, torrents
  • negative news surrounding accidents, crime, death, disasters, terror and more


Target content categories including:

  • Business, education, news, personal finance and more
  • Sub-categories including ETFs, retirement planning and more
  • Custom content categories that meet your campaign and audience needs


Maximize video content by targeting:

  • Location and size of players
  • Number of players on page
  • Allows autoplay

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