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Exante is a global investment company that provides its clients with direct access to the financial markets through its multi-asset solution. Founded in 2011 by Alexey Kirienko, Gatis Eglitis and Anatoly Knyazev, the trading firm has over a decade of experience delivering personalized and bespoke service to its clients, many of whom are high-profile professionals in the financial field. As of the time of writing, the investment company has offices in Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and London, and is regulated and licensed in all those locations, meaning investors can have peace of mind knowing that their funds and assets are secured.

Exante’s all-in-one trading platform enables traders with direct market access to over 600,000 instruments in over 50 markets. You can trade in the US, EU, Asian markets, and beyond, without only a few clicks of a button.

Stocks and ETFs

Trading stocks with Exante is easier than ever. Traders can get online access to over 24,000 stocks from all around the world, in just a single account. These can include blue chips, new IPOs, great US markets or local European exchanges. The large variety of assets Exante provides makes it extremely easy for traders to diversify their portfolios. Exante also offers traders a unique range of Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for all purposes, whether they are looking for something with high volatility or more conservative and safe investment opportunities.


Traders can trade currencies with Exante in an intuitive and transparent manner. Exante allows access to over 50 currency parts through its state-of-the-art online platform. The company boasts 100% reliable trading and live prices through its trading platform. It also includes responsible leverage to make anyone’s forex experience extra safe. The investment firm prides itself on having 10ms fast execution and ultra-low latency when it comes to executing trades.

Precious Metals

Investors can take advantage of the rarity of precious metals that Exante provides, such as Gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium. As metals are expensive and difficult to extract commodities, they tend to be equally valued by industrial players and investors. With Exante’s trading platform, traders can trade precious metals without needing to own the underlying asset. This can be done by investing in metals via multiple instruments such as futures, options, spots, and ETFs. Exate also showcases 100% live prices with a 10 ms fast execution and ultra-low latency rate.


If you are looking to trade something slightly more secure, then why not get started with bonds? Exante has that covered too, and traders can get interested while taking advantage of price changes at the same time. With Exante, investors can get access to prime bonds with limited issue – both exchange-traded and over-the-counter (OTC), in addition to getting unlimited opportunities to diversify their portfolio. In fact, this is one of the best ways to create your own low-risk strategy.

You will be relieved to know that the platform is entirely secure and private, especially when it comes to diversity and risk management. Moreover, traders will also get a timely interest payout when it comes to their bonds.


According to its official website, Exante boasts easy risk management with options traded on markets all the way from Chicago to Osaka. You also gain access to over 270,000 various options on versatile basis assets. You can easily find, analyze, and trade options using Exante’s robust and convenient online trading platform, which features numerous powerful tools. Moreover, enjoy a neat option board with perfectly calculated Greeks, implied volatility and convenient filters that allow for precise targeting when deciding when and what to trade.

Some options you may consider trading include the Australian Stock Exchange, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Hong Kong Exchange, Osaka Securities Exchange, and more.


Traders can get online access to hedge funds through Exante’s online platform as well. This will be in the same account you open and use for other instruments, meaning it eliminates the need to go back and forth between different trading accounts. There are hundreds of funds available to traders, and you can find them through Exante’s Hedge Fund Marketplace. Simply click and invest in the funds available. Then monitor your positions in real time. Exante additionally boasts 100% reliability and security, so you can get on with investing in promising funds from all over the world without even needing to leave your seat.


Through Exante, traders can gain access to the global futures exchange. There is no need to compromise – you only have to trade exactly what you need, hedge risks with the wide range of futures contracts available, and enjoy the single-account trading model that Exante provides. There are over 30 global futures markets available, with over 500 futures varieties. These range from commodities to bonds on markets like CME, LIFFE, or EUREX. Exante also showcases 100% real-time prices, meaning you will not miss out on any sudden changes happening in the markets.

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