About Dean Media

Fusion92 is an award-winning marketing company. We’re independent and proud of it. We are driven by human ideas, and we execute with innovative technologies. We solve the unsolvable.

Technology is changing the way people engage with brands. It’s also blurring the line between creative, content and media, presenting new and unparalleled marketing opportunities. Marketers must take advantage of technology. By leveraging sound strategy, informed creative and data driven solutions, as well as our patented innovations, Fusion92 is helping clients make sense of an
ever-changing landscape.

FinancialAudiences™ is our audience management and targeting platform providing powerful tools for deep audience insights and sophisticated cross-channel targeting as well as a trusted environment for publishers to
monetize audience and data assets.

We developed FinancialAudiences™ because we understand that today’s marketing technology landscape can seem overwhelming for many to navigate. Our platform serves as an end-to-end managed solution designed to maximize the benefits of technology without the learning curves and inflated costs
associated with adopting them.